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Pension Strike

Public sector strike: The generosity of public sector pensions has been laid bare after official calculations showed that a typical teacher can expect to retire with a taxpayer-funded scheme worth more than £500,000.

As a public servant I worry that drawing attention to our pensions might be counter-productive.

Having recently taken up a very minor part time job for Her Majesty I get to work out how much my civil service pension is worth.

As an example:

At the age of fifty according to my bean counter if I forgo £175 p.a. (yes per year) for the next fifteen years (total £2650) I will get an annual index linked pension of £1750 p.a.

Sometimes I feel I have been in the wrong job for too many years.

Maggie Maggie Maggie Out Out Out - leave our pensions alone!


I refer you to a comment I left at BOLLOGS.

Tim, I've just posted a link (of sorts)to this post on "Behind Blue Eyes" blog.

I shouldn't worry, the £500K will be Weimar money the way things are going, it can't be afforded. And no matter how much the teachers and pen pushers stamp their feet, the fiscal reality doesn't change. They have been sold a pup from the Brown/Madoff school and they aren't happy.

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