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Time to get Viking on them

Lene Espersen: Somali pirates will not hold the world to ransom - Scotsman.com News

Together with the United Kingdom, Denmark is playing a leading role in the international work to fight piracy. Recently the Danish government presented a comprehensive piracy strategy encompassing political, military, legal and capacity building measures. Any viable solution requires stronger national mechanisms for prosecution and incarceration of apprehended pirates.
Denmark is chairing the international working group under the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia dealing with these crucial legal issues. The group, consisting of representatives from more than 55 countries and organisations, met for the eighth time in Copenhagen this week.
The working group has contributed significantly to facilitating co-operation between states on the legal aspects of piracy. This co-operation includes inter alia common legal standards in several areas linked to the military efforts and the prosecution of suspected pirates.

Lene Espersen is the Danish foreign minister

Working parties meeting in agreeable cities... how very nice. There is a simpler solution to piracy which doesn't involve croissants and expense accounts.


I read a report recently where the Chinese navy are proposing following the example of previous outbreaks of piracy and attack their land bases. Probably the only way that it will be solved or at least reduced.

How, exactly, are we playing a "leading part", given that our presence in the area probably amounts to a couple of small RIB's and a speedboat?

Nelson would have dealt with this problem in about a week, but then he had the resources, and wasn't being second-guessed by PC wimps at home.

If you can't project power, you don't have power.

I'm still a fan of the traditional approach.

Capture them, sail into their harbour, hang the survivors, tell the townspeople they have 1 hour to leave town. Then a series of of 6 to 8" autocannon hose the place down at 30rounds per minute for a space of time, paying special attention to ship repair facilities and known HQ's of the leading citizens

I'd be willing to compromise have a couple of Q ships and simply kill the pirates.

please could you email me the deatils of that pension? i.e. the actual scan of the document, as my teacher neighbour doesnt believe it!!!


adrian burr

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is the main page the guy got the info from - he may be wrong bu that was his professional advice.

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