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Climate Scientists Feeling Ignored

Scientists finally get angry about indifference to climate change | Science | The Guardian

98% of working climate scientists accept the evidence for human-induced climate change. The voices of dissent reported "for balance" come almost exclusively from researchers who are not publishing in the field.
Unfortunately, this consensus over climate change is in danger of becoming the world's best-kept secret.

Those who have hitherto fought within the ivory towers to establish the science of climate change now need to muster up enough courage to take their fighting spirit out of the laboratory and onto the streets. Activist scientists will soon find themselves wondering why they cowered in the shadows for all those years. After all, as Bronowski also said: "dissent is the native activity of the scientist".

Poor brave scientists, everyone is against them, politicians ignore them, governments don't act, there is no money being spent....really?


"...researchers who are not publishing in the field..."

Well we know why that is, don't we? The UAE people told us themselves, iirc.

It was something like "we'll stop this getting published even if we have to redefine what peer review means." (Emphasis mine)

They are getting desperate, aren't they?

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