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Robathan Lies On Repatriation Route Speed Bumps

BBC News - Andrew Robathan defends 'dignified' repatriation route
Mr Robathan said the route would go through the village of Brize Norton, but would not go through the nearby town of Carterton, which had narrow roads with speed bumps "which are not very suitable for corteges".


Speed bumps eh?

Of course it would be wrong to suggest that a dead soldier or two is worth a morning with a JCB scraping them flat. Couldn't do that could we?

But what about the village of Brize Norton?

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Yes it has speed bumps and narrow chicanes. Click on the Google Streetview above to explore..

Mr Robathan claims he has personally checked out the route. So why use the excuse of speed bumps when the chosen route doesn't avoid them?

It's a lie.

(How hard is this investigative journalism lark?)


It's dead easy to do this investigative journalism lark. Google is your friend. But you also have to bear in mind that the dead tree press lot are fixated on hyping up stories no end. On that topic Angry Exile has just exposed a nice "lie" from the Telegraph - http://angryexile.blogspot.com/2011/07/teletubbygraph-does-it-again.html

As a local, I can say that Brize Norton is a lovely village. Carterton is a welfare dependent Labour voting shit-hole. It would be disrespectful to send the route through there.

"speed bumps "which are not very suitable for corteges"...."

So what happens if somebody dies in the speed bump zone? Do they put the stiff in a wheelbarrow and trundle him along the pavement, to the church. And then off to the cemetary at which point he is tipped out of the wheelbarrow into the open grave presumably?


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