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Mourning The News of The Screws

The real reason for the Guardian-BBC assault on News International « Autonomous Mind

Make no mistake, I carry no brief for Murdoch.  But I cannot stand seeing the British people being misled by his opportunist opponents who have a self serving agenda that is not in the interest of the public.

The hypocrisy and double standards at play here are incredible.  The Guardian has not pursued this story for the noble aim of getting at the truth, but in a desperate effort to undermine Rupert Murdoch, with the full connivance of its broadcast arm, the BBC.  The phone hacking scandal, while criminal and disgusting, is nothing more than a rider for a campaign where something far greater is at stake -€“ maintaining the left-liberal media consensus that holds sway in this country

DUFF & NONSENSE!: British liberty takes another hit
The political class, of course, are jubilant. On Sky News just now 'Lord' Prescott looked and sounded as excited as he must have done when he was shagging his secretary over his ministerial desk five years ago. To obtain the full, rank measure of this fat, useless, immoral, old has-been, or perhaps never-was, is a better designation, let me tell you that he sneered at the British press for wanting to follow the American way of being allowed to print anything, which they do, of course, because it is enshrined in their constitution, freedom of speech being considered crucial to a civil society by the Founding Fathers. Prescott speaks for virtually all the political class and you can expect a raft of new regulations designed to limit the ability of the press to investigate anyone, particularly if they are important. They will be aided in this endeavor by establishment judges sucking up to European law by strict interpretations of the law of so-called 'Human Rights'. The death of the NoW is merely the beginning. That's one down, they are thinking, now we can go for the rest of the rat-pack, starting with The Sun.

So now we, the people, must open a new front against these despicable rascals who seek to flaunt their power over us. Now the bloggers and the tweeters must arise, especially those who are, or were, journalists, and use their skills and their knowledge and their contacts to maintain, like the skirmishers of the Napoleonic era, a constant barrage of sniper fire aimed at the massed ranks of the trough-swillers set above us. Never mind the bloody Arabs, it's time for a British Spring!


If they think that getting rid of newspapers will be of benefit they are in for a shock. Newspapers on the main report as politicians want. Remove that source and people can only get their news from the web and very few sites on the web support their views.

Personally I think it is great. All these lefties and progressives out of a job,more peoplefinding out about the truth. Whats not to like?

Thank you, kind sir, for the link.

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