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Was He Dropped On His Head As A Baby?

Price for cutting carbon 'is 32% rise in bills' - Scotsman.com News

DOMESTIC energy bills could soar by over 30 per cent following dramatic energy market reforms set to be announced tomorrow, experts have warned.
Britain would end up with the highest energy prices in Europe, according to a report on the effects of the EMR for the Consumers' Association by the Energy Policy Research Group at Cambridge University, as a result of subsidies to promote the building of new nuclear power plants and wind turbines for the renewables sector.
But energy secretary Chris Huhne, who will launch a white paper tomorrow on changes to the energy sector, insisted the UK had the lowest prices in Europe and rejected suggestions of massive rises ahead.

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I understand the numbers on tachometers can also confuse.....


30% isn't the real number. Wind costs 8 times as much and solar 20 times. So expect, if the enviro-mentalists (sic) get their way, at least an 800 per cent raise. Electricity will be rationed, I kid you not.

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