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Green Panzers

Berlin rates Smart car like Panzer

Environmental groups have urged Brussels to block a German CO2 labelling plan that will rate some of the largest gas-guzzlers as just as green as tiny town cars.
A plan being voted on in the German upper house, calculated to favour hefty German off-roaders and limousines, works out a car's green rating in relation to its weight.
The maths means that, instead of being marked down in the compulsory showroom labelling, big high-emissions vehicles would emerge with flying colours.
Green transport lobby group Transport & Environment used the sums to show that, if the legislation goes through in a vote in Berlin on Friday, a Smart car with CO2 emissions of 103g per km would be in the same "green" category as a Panzer tank, which emits 5,850 grams of CO2 per km.
The levelling factor is the relative weight - the Smart at just 750kg, and the tank at 62,000kg. For its weight, therefore, the Panzer tank is deemed worthy of a "green" badge

I'm going green in that case!


Ah, but the tank is so much more versatile - and as for that 155 mm computer controlled gun it carries - why, there wouldn't be a traffic warden or green protester left to argue about it ...

You could also use the tank to blow up parliament and all the stupid people who make those kinds of decisions.

Why not! They rate the "green" electric vehicles without taking into consideration the huge amounts of energy needed to build them. Just the batteries alone take more energy to mine the raw materials, refine them into useful materials and manufacture and transport then the electric vehicle will ever save on fuel. The whole thing is a shell game so why should one side be held to a higher standard?

Germans and Tanks, you know that's going to end badly! They will do more than leave a ruddy towel on the beach!
But these so called "green" vehicles always forget to mention how/where the electricity comes from.
Panzer Marsch!

Awesome. I've always wanted to pilot a large green 60+tonne, 1200hp vehicle in traffic, at speed.

I'm pretty sure the 120mm HV L55 barrel on a latest Leopard II iteration is overkill, but I'm also assured of three things: I _will_ have right of way, no matter what the light says; and traffic jams & parking will be a thing of past. ("Traffic jam?, now that you mention it I did feel some sedans crushing under my treads back there". Parking: Where does a 60tonne MBT park? Answer: Where ever it wants to.) and the third thing: I can drive AS SLOW as want in the left hand lane, the rest of you rotters will politely wait your turn: traffic calming, made hard-arsed.

Added bonus: Watching greenies cry as I literally suck the diesel storage tanks at the local filling station dry, for the 3rd time in a day.

And remember you can pass freely across the border with France as the Panzier poses no threat whatever to the air quality there.

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