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These Things Happen

Cheetah sprayed with fire extinguisher after mauling keepers during safety demo - Telegraph

The three cheetahs - Savannah, Boumani and Zena - were being filmed by park workers to "prove" to local council bosses at Sevenoaks District Council that they were 'safe' for visitors to get close to.
The big cat bit both men several times before swiping its massive paw at Mr Foreman, ripping his shorts off and leaving him with scratches down his leg.
Both men were taken to hospital for treatment and given jabs and had their wounds treated, but were back at work on Monday.
Eagle Heights boss Alan Ames, 55, said the attack was 'no big deal' and said that the cheetahs were 'safe'.
He said: "Its an occupational hazard.
What happened is very unfortunate and we take it very seriously, but its not like someone getting their arm ripped off by a gorilla.
You can take all the precautions in the world but these things happen.
I dont know what people expect - if they want to live in a perfect world, they are deluding themselves.

I wonder if the council takes such a sensible view? Would you like to bet on it?


My bet is the council jobsworths will try to close him down ...

The animal is only doing what comes naturally to a large predator with big, sharp shiny teeth.

The idiots are those who believe that any amount of 'caring' and 'understanding' will replace the natural instincts of a hunter to hunt and kill its prey!

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