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Paying For Carbon Agit-Prop

Artists condemn British Council's decision to axe climate programme | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The working budget for the council's climate change programmes has been cut by at least 43% to £2.1m, the investment budget from 」500,000 to 」3,000, and there is no budget for next year.In contrast, the FCO, which provides all the council's government funding, is increasing its spend on climate diplomacy. "Our successful programme which promotes the global transition to a low-carbon economy is intended to increase the prospects of reaching a global climate change agreement," said the foreign secretary, William Hague, in February.
The cuts are "dangerous to the UK," said David Viner, who led the council's climate change programme until last month. "Our work was described as 'national asset'. But these cuts will impact on the UK government's agenda to drive forward a global deal on climate change.... Viner added that global action is essential "to protect the UK government's own agenda" of deep domestic carbon cuts, which will falter if other nations do not follow suit.


I've got an even better idea-why not just scrap the British Council!

"Artists condemn British Council's decision to axe climate programme"

In other news synchronised swimmers voice concern over fuel-air mix in jet engine design

Well, at least two folks and one spammer are here with you

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