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The Guardian And Greenhouse Gasses, The Truth And What It Prints.

Open door: the appliance of science and claims of skewed reporting | Comment is free | The Guardian

Martin Cohen...complained that for many years the Guardian had been deviating from its founding principles – in regularly failing to distinguish between fact and comment – and he questioned the role of the Scott Trust in upholding them. ....suggested that he was making a series of rather general points and ...needed specific examples of breaches of the principles...agreed to focus on one issue.

Dr Cohen's position:

"I alleged that a significant factual error, with consequences for the debate about climate change science, was being regularly made in the paper. I gave you a list of articles and dates.
"The claim was that CO2 is the major element in the atmospheric greenhouse effect and my point was that it is not. This being a fact, it should have been reported accurately, whether in 'comment' pieces or 'news' stories." Cohen states that water vapour is the major element in the greenhouse effect

And yes the paper agrees he is right, but only in a boring factual sort of right way, not in a sort of way that it writes stories..."feeling is that as reporting on climate change has matured, reference to carbon dioxide as the most important greenhouse gas has fallen into common usage."

So that is all right then, once an error becomes accepted then it is OK for the paper to continue to propagate it.....


Dr Goebbels must be so proud of his students at the Guardian. "Tell a lie big enough and often enough and it becomes the 'truth.'"

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