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Roast Greens

Eat Smart - 2011 Meat Eaters Guide | Meat Eater's Guide to Climate Change Health | Environmental Working Group

Your Food Choices Affect the Climate...

Lamb comes out as the "worst". I presume this is some sort of factory farmed American lamb because I'm fairly sure those scraggy beasts roaming the hills over here use very little fuel.

Of course on Saturday I will have three of them slowly rotating over a virgin forest wood fire at the party. They will taste even better now.


I shall enjoy my Lammlachs, rump steak and Schweinfleisch schnitzels on my BBQ even more now! The only thing lentils, tofu and beans are good for is the production of gas - Methane mostly. This makes them ideal for use as bio-fuel and totally unfit for human consumption!

This is the old cobblers about food miles and how eating food produced on the other side of the world is destroying the planet.

There was a story a couple of years ago in The Telegraph (I think) about this whole issue after Greenpeace or some other Gaia-worshipping morons were wittering on about how buying New Zealand lamb in Tesco would make the climate gods angry and fry us all to death. The Telegraph article pointed out that there was more CO2 produced/energy used in making the winter feed for Welsh lamb than transporting the NZ variety to the UK.

Personally I think its all bollocks and is the same sort of lazy journalism that we used to get years ago when government spending was measured in the number of baby incubators that could be bought.

We are ill served by the western press, that is sure.

Those that aren't out and out PR flacks, are so often so stupid & gullible that it amazes. (Especially when a quick "sniff test" on the internet is just 10-30min away.)

(The honourable exceptions may take a bow. And they are usually people who had a real career in the topic at hand who are now journalists ON THAT TOPIC. )

I have a modest suggestion, no-one who majored in anything like "Communications", or "journalism", and that is their primary job skill, should be allowed near the production of news.

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