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Apollo 11 - I Was Wrong

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At 02:39 UTC on Monday July 21 (10:39pm EDT, Sunday July 20), 1969, Armstrong opened the hatch, and at 02:51 UTC began his descent to the lunar surface. The Remote Control Unit controls on his chest kept him from seeing his feet. Climbing down the nine-rung ladder, Armstrong pulled a D-ring to deploy the Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) folded against Eagle's side and activate the TV camera, and at 02:56 UTC (10:56pm EDT) he set his left foot on the surface.

I went away to boarding school in 1969 and my first clear memory of the school was us being woken up in the dormitory and taken downstairs to the library to watch this live. I stood at the back in the corner by the Psmith books.
Coincidentally I was talking to an old friend who also went away to another boarding school in 1969 and has the same memory, though a different TV in another library.
Strangely we both went to school in September 1969.
Neither of us can explain our false memories, we don't think it was a later Apollo mission and don't remember doing a couple of induction days at the school at the end of the summer term before. There must be an explanation but whatever it is what we both would would have sworn as to what and when we witnessed was wrong.


Well I went to boarding school a bit before 1969, but was still there then, just about.

We weren't allowed TV's at all, but a pal of mine put one together from odd parts that he had, and we watched it anyway, in someone's study.

It all seems such a long time ago. Oh, wait, it was a long time ago.

But what good has ever come of it? "Why that I cannot tell," quoth he, "but 'twas a famous victory".

I was playing truant at the time so missed it.

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