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Prof Jones (The Other One) Insults Sceptics

Climate sceptics get too much air-time, BBC told - Climate Change, Environment - The Independent

Professor Steve Jones, who reviewed the broadcaster's science coverage at the request of the BBC Trust, said: "For at least three years, the climate change deniers have been marginal to the scientific debate, but somehow they continued to find a place on the airwaves."

He may be right, I hardly ever sample the BBC's output, but I wonder who these "deniers" are. Do they dress up in Brownshirts and parade with flags or is his impartial face slipping when he describes concerned sceptics with the term?


I must live in an alternate universe than the good professor, because in my world the past couple of years the Climate change freaks have been losing ground and believability and the skeptics gaining, because, well truth seems to be winning out over crap science.

Despite crap science and it's toady "scientists" being out-funded 1000:1 over the skeptics, and getting the lions share of coverage by the MSM.

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