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All Hail The New German-Hungarian Empire

Europe hails ‘historic’ deal to save currency | The Times

In a move hailed by President Sarkozy of France as a key step towards the creation of an EU treasury in the form of a “European monetary fund”.
He said: “By the end of the summer, Angela Merkel [the German Chancellor] and I will be making joint proposals on economic government in the eurozone. Our ambition is to seize the Greek crisis to make a quantum leap in eurozone government. We have done something historic.


"We have done something historic"

A great many German and French wannabees did historic stuff in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the name of European 'integration' but historic isn't always good

Napoleon made history. So did Hitler, and a few others. Doing something historic usually means doing something bad. The world gets better as the cumulation of minor, non historic, improvements- the grand plans just get in the way.

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