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Watermelon Realism

Response: No, Greens must not cosy up to capitalism. They must resist it | Comment is free | The Guardian

"Is the green movement a leftwing, anti-capitalist movement?" your article asks. "Mark Lynas believes it is, and that those who style themselves as greens should be marginalised and allowed to die off so that they can be replaced by a new breed of market-friendly environmentalists like him." Is this really the future of the green movement? If so, it's one of defeat.

Along with human overpopulation, the principal driver of the accelerating eco-crisis – anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity crash, destruction and degradation of wild habitat, and a virtual holocaust of animal species – is precisely capitalism. Far from being realistic, to propose as a solution more of what is causing the problem is nothing less than delusional. Any green movement worth its name must therefore resist industrial capitalism....
Greens urgently need to engage with people's ecological intuitions, impulses and aspirations. Only that deserves to be called realism.

That is a definition of realism I haven't come across before, distinctly Dagenham.


He briefly mentions there are too many people, then talks about how horrible capitalism is. This guy isn't stupid; eliminate capitalism, billions starve, problem solved.

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