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Guardinistas Exploding On Streaming

School colour-codes pupils by ability | Education | The Guardian

A secondary school has divided its students by ability, complete with different uniforms. Innovative way to lure the middle classes, or worrying segregation?

The Head "Mixed-ability teaching in state schools has patently been shown to have failed – our model allows all students to work at their own level and get the support they need."

Read the comments for a disturbing view and proof why Guardian readers should never be allowed to be teachers...

"Nice to see apartheid is alive and well in the UK education system"
"This headmaster needs to be sacked before he can get near another child. What a cruel bastard. Maybe it would be easier if he just tattoed their forearms: "Smart" "Medium" "Dumb"
Actually, Mr. Murphy, mixed ability and mixed age groupings are the proven route to success, but, of course, that requires actual educators, instead of a Thatcheresque marketer."
"Why not make them wear yellow stars instead? This is very Brave New World."
"The fascists aren't even trying to hide what they're doing now."
"This headmaster is ... branding pupils in a way that disgusts us all (we all remember the Nazis using this method)
The reason councils and the people quite rightly controlled the powers of head teachers was because give any one person too much power and it will corrupt.
These are children this man is branding and limiting the education of - just to suit his own ego.
Time for the council to step in and ensure that all capable pupils get the same educational opportunities at the same school."


See this is why young master SAoT will never attend a state school while I have organs to sell.

Why Master SAoT isn't going to a state school in one paragraph.

So OK, so I'll type this and not spell check it, you'll see why in a mo.

I actually went to Crownwoods when it was a Secondary Modern Comprehensive, whatever the hell that is meant to be. I stayed an extra year and gained absolutely nothing to show for it. Whilst I take the blame for being a lazy sod, the standard of teaching there was -to put it mildly- utter shite. Built in the 50s, the place had the look and feel of a council estate. The highlight of the whole sorry time I was there happened during my second year. Some games teacher (yes Mr Cotrell, I am looking at you) hit one kid too many, and got a bloody good hiding from the Mods and Skinheads (two gangs that usually didn't have much to do with each other, but had put aside differences in musical taste and cultural sensibilities to get together and kick the fuck out of the bullying muppet). It went down hill from there.

It was a paradise of socialist 70s/80s trotski, trendy, citroen 2CV driving, CND loving, Greenham Common protesting, hairy-legged lesbians, and girlymen. Kids that had interests of a more masculine type were often treated as deranged. Those that were not leftie to the roots were a bit 'different'. Thus I was both deranged and a lot different. I enjoyed a good punch-up, was a cadet, loved sport shooting, and had a love of country. I was also 'odd' amongst my peers in that my girlfriend wasn't pregnant, nor did she have a nipper already. Wasn't through lack of trying though, you understand.

The day I left, the last words my form tutor said to me were. 'And Ray is off to kill people......' Nice. Well OK, I did serve my country and managed to not kill anyone. Bet he's a bit miffed about that.

Cheers- Rusty

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