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Go Green Go Ryanair

Ryanair in green U-turn « Blog

Low fare airline Ryanair plans to radically change its tack on global warming by launching its first green campaign and promoting itself as a low emissions carrier. Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary previously described global warming as “bullshit” and green activists as “Luddites”. He also labelled environmentalists “lying wankers” and said that the best thing that can be done with them was to “shoot them” as they seek to make air travel the preserve of the rich.

So Michael tell us what you really think as you drape the green cloak of righteousness over your tawdry business.


Did he really use such language? My, what an example our entrepreneurs are to the rest of the world! Quite in keeping with our media moguls, our bonussed bankers, our expensed-out MPs and our millionaire Ministers. 'World-class', and 'leading the world', as usual. Heigh ho.

He did the same about face between the 2 Irish referenda on the Lisbon Treaty where he had clearly been told his landing slots across Europe were on the line.

To be fair rge guy is running an airline not a crusade and at least waiting to be bought puts him well ahead of most big businessmen that don't wait to be asked to spread their legs for any insanity government might be willing to pay for.

As Al Gore has proved...you do not have to actually believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming in order to profit from it.

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