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Parking in Wiltshire - They Are Having A Laffer

Motorists shun car parks in Wiltshire (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

CONTROVERSIAL increases in car parking charges by Wiltshire Council are set to result in a loss of income of half a million pounds.

Just three months after the charges were introduced the Conservative run council says fewer motorists are using the council’s car parks and is predicting a potential shortfall of income of £500,000.

The new charges, which are deeply unpopular among businesses who say trade has been affected as a result, were designed to bring in just under an extra £1.5 million in car parking revenue to the council.

Not just tax revenues that have a maximum yield.


That's exactly what happened up our way. They tried the charges, people stayed away in droves and went to the next town, local businesses exerted enormous pressure and the carparking is free again.

So sad. I'll see if I have a few coppers to send them. :)



Councils are supposed to be reducing their costs, not trying to increase their revenues.

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