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Salt Torturing The Data To Fit

Cutting salt intake can reduce stroke risk - Telegraph

Cutting down our daily intake by just 2g can cut our chances of cardiovascular events by up to 20 per cent, leading experts said in an article published in The Lancet journal.
Research from Exeter University published two weeks ago claimed there was no strong evidence to prove the benefits of a reduction in salt in your diet, prompting reports that salt had little or no effect on the chance of suffering strokes or heart attacks.
But a reanalysis of the same data has shown that there is indeed a significant benefit to be had from limiting the amount of salt we eat.
The figures add to the “already overwhelming” evidence that salt is the chief cause that raises blood pressure, which in turn is the largest cause of stroke, heart attacks and heart failure, experts said.
Prof Graham MacGregor, one of the authors of the Lancet commentary, said: “Contrary to the claims by [Exeter scientists] and many press headlines, these new results, along with all the other evidence, clearly demonstrate that a reduction in the whole of the UK population and worldwide, is immensely important.”

That would be The MacGregor who flogs books extolling low salt diets...

and is Chairman and founder of the mysterious Consensus Action on Salt and Health which seems to just be a "group of experts" which doesn't publish accounts and solicits donations.


Oh dear, another concensus...and from a rent seeker! What a surprise.

Just make the cheque out to CASH!

"clearly demonstrate that a reduction in the whole of the UK population and worldwide"
People are the problem, there's just too many of them. But who would remain to buy his books? What a quandary.

Just make the cheque out to CASH!

Posted by: MarkS | July 29, 2011 3:33 PM

Excellent spot, best with W C Fields delivery probably. (I enjoyed the rowing to the Pole post too, thanks)

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