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Inconvenient Truths About The Old Pulteney Row To The Pole


Follow polar rowing expedition with online map - Environment - The Independent

Around August 1 a five-man team led by seasoned adventurer Jock Wishart will depart from Resolute Bay, Canada in an attempt to row 724 km (450 miles) to the magnetic North Pole....as certified in 1996, is located at 78°35.7N 104°11.9W / 78.595°N 104.1983°W and was first reached by Sir James Clark Ross of the British Royal Navy in 1831.
During the course of the expedition, sponsored by Old Pulteney whisky, the crew will be using a satellite-positioning system known as Yellowbrick to track their progress. This satellite-positioning system will then automatically update a map on the official Row to the Pole website, allowing members of the public to track the team's voyage.
Mr. Wishart and his crew's attempt to row to the magnetic North Pole has only recently become a possibility due to the dramatic climatic changes taking place in the region which have decreased the size of the ice sheets and left large areas of the ocean unfrozen.

Great picture they use to show them rowing in the balmy open waters....

And of course Ross found the Magnetic Pole on dry land, on the Boothia Peninsular and where the rowers are aiming for isn't where it is now. The Magnetic North Pole is on the move in a northwesterly direction at about 37 miles each year.


So their target is about 500 miles short and they won't be rowing all the way - so much for it being a Row to The Pole. And let's not mention the convenient confusion between the Magnetic and Actual Pole in people's minds.


ManBearPig gets very excited about this stuff. Odd he should ignore reality in his quest for relevance. Or not.

ManBearPig gets very excited about this stuff. Odd he should ignore reality in his quest for relevance. Or not.

To be fair, Jeremy Clarkson only went to the magnetic pole, but it was a hell of a lot of fun.

The Top Gear boys were pragmatic enough (i.e. not idiots) to know they would need wheels, not boats. Such a contrast!

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