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Polly Wrong On History

Britain must resist Tea Party thinking | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian

The founding fathers built a constitution of checks and balances believing reasonable men would agree; how could they foresee Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Glenn Beck? To the British eye, America was always dangerously prone to waves of populism and McCarthyite panics. The country has reached a deadlock that may set it on a faster road to decline as absolute intransigence creates a constitution that no longer functions. Why bother with the great show of presidential elections when presidents are denied the power to match their pomp? The politics of miasma, where words matter more than facts and actions, lets the Tea Party demand the impossible – debt reduction with tax cuts, spending cuts without touching the gargantuan defence budget. Obama believed against all the evidence that his opponents would see reason. That's not who they are.

Oh yes, the Founding Fathers had only gone through a bloody revolution so they were wishy washy liberals who knew everyone would see sense if only they agreed with Polly.


Polly should study the US Constitution!! Then again, is ignorance bliss? Polly must think so.

The "Founding Fathers" of the USA, Polly, did NOT believe "reasonable men would agree." That is evident in that they did not establish an absolute ruler with powers a Pharaoh would envy. They were quite aware, for example, that a reasonable farmer might not agree with a reasonable office worker: thus the Senate, an attempt to balance the city dwellers of New York with the agriculturists of Georgia, and a number of other measures.

Then again, how could the founding fathers have foreseen FDR, LBJ or Mr. Obama? Perhaps they did believe the reasonable men would agree- but who's to say who's reasonable?

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