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Simms Wrong On Poverty

Happiness: the price of economic growth | Andrew Simms | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

The relentless pursuit of productivity is socially divisive, environmentally destructive and doesn't make us any happier

This is part of Andrew Simms 100 Months To Save The World series as he tries to persuade us that eating grubs with a stick in our mud hut would make us happier. Twat.


Yeah, he's right, aside from children living to adulthood, decent medical care, a warm house in winter, having food, being entertained, the ability to travel to nice places and not working 80 hours weeks for most people, and shockingly, supporting nitwits on the dole, due to high productivity making it possible, I don't see how it makes me happy.

Especially the last bit.

I suppose this is why you drive by fields of leftists who are working in muck behind an ox or horse, right?

Its almost silly how little a man sitting at a computer (and just take the productivity gains inherent in that one piece of technology - from knowledge passed on by voice to a computer) can demonstrate.

I couldn't decipher what he was saying, and then in his last two paragraphs he admitted he didn't either.

Must not have growth just for the sake of saying we are growing? Governments may do that, but he seems to be accusing everybody else - bet he cannot name an actual business that does so, and things such as the RSPCA or PETA do not qualify.

Everyone should have a job, and everyone should have the same income? Communism, with a capital letter or not, has been tried - and convicted of murder. Not just Twentieth Century capital-letter style either. One example, in the early Seventeenth Century the colony of Massachusetts Bay tried to run things that way for three years, and almost died out before sanity was restored. As has been said of [representative] democracy, capitalism is a terrible system but works better than anything else that has ever been attempted, or even suggested. It perturbs that [supposedly] well-educated people can think "fairness" and "equality" more important than "survival."

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