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Goose Mincers

Giant turbine blades likely to claim lives of migrating geese - Nature, Environment - The Independent

There is no doubt that the giant turbines will kill some pink-footed geese, which migrate to Britain during the winter

Plans for two giant wind turbines that threaten to claim the lives of scores of pink-footed geese every year were today given the go-ahead by the High Court despite a legal challenge by local residents at Eagland Hill in Lancashire. The proposed turbines will be located about 5km from Morecambe Bay where a special protection area hosts a range of birds, including pink-footed geese.
The anti-turbine Eagland Hill Action Group (EHAG) fought a last-ditch High Court bid to block the scheme, arguing that the inspector, David Pinner, erred in law by failing to reconsider whether an environmental impact assessment was necessary, and failing to conduct an appropriate assessment under EU wild birds and habitats directives.
EHAG also argued there was procedural unfairness because the group had not been invited to take part in the discussion on the compensation proposals for the geese.

What exactly is the compensation procedure for a goose that has been minced, A solemn promise that only the finest organic sage and onion will be used in the pie? Or that the fattened liver will be reverently turned into the finest foie gras?


Why waste shotgun ammo when a Wind Farm will do it for you?

One way of filling the freezer.

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