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Lib-Dems Want Your Children

Parents to be given five-a-day checklist on how to raise children - Telegraph

Television and radio advertisements and posters in nurseries and on buses would spell out how parents should play, read, talk, praise, and feed their children every day, under the proposed drive.
Companies that make toys, children’s books and baby food would be encouraged to brand their products with an official logo under the proposed scheme, which is modelled on the successful “five-a-day” fruit and vegetables dietary campaign.
The children’s minister, Sarah Teather, warmly welcomed the proposals, which came from the think-tank, CentreForum....
The initiative would aim to overhaul society’s attitudes towards parenting in a similar way to the change in how drink-driving has been seen over the past 50 years.
The report, Parenting Matters, calls for professional parenting advice to become as widespread as antenatal classes.
But poorer parents need to be “incentivised” to attend courses to help them complete the “five-a-day” essential actions. They could be rewarded for attending classes with higher child benefit payments or annual bonuses, the study suggested.
Baby shops and supermarkets could even offer “loyalty points” under the scheme.
The report acknowledges recommendations are “potentially controversial” and that “interfering” in how parents bring up their children leaves the proposals open to accusations of a “nanny state” mentality.

"Open to accusations"? I should bloody think so, unless you want your child to be a state monitored member of the Lib-Dem Youth Movement.


the successful “five-a-day” fruit and vegetables dietary campaign.


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