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Biking in Bacelona

Bike hire schemes may save lives, researchers say | Frederika Whitehead | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The Spanish-led research team found that for those using the Bicing scheme there was an estimated 0.03 extra cyclists' deaths each year from traffic accidents and an extra 0.13 cyclists' deaths from air pollution compared with an overall saving of 12.48 lives through the benefits of physical activity

0.03 extra deaths a year - one every 33 years? I don't believe it.

In 2010 two cyclists died in Barcelona - As they say -

2010 also saw a notable drop in bicycle-related accidents (by almost 20%). As for accident numbers, the Councillor for Mobility explained that Barcelona "is very close to the figure it had enjoyed before the Bicing service started" (376 accidents in 2006, 399 in 2010).

So in fact the bike hire scheme in Barcelona leads to more people being in accidents - not something the headline writers like to say.


You have to laugh at the .13% deaths from air pollution. These figures are WAG's (wild ass guesses). It is politically correct to claim air pollution is killing people so there had to be a guess for how many people died from breathing. I suppose that somewhere someone is so sick that air pollution does contribute to their death but I doubt they are capable of riding a bicycle. Given our political correctness I am suprised they didn't include a .17% deaths from eating meat, a .25% deaths from HFCS and a .28% deaths from BPA in the water bottle.

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