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The Dangerous Tastes Act

'Outlaw high salt in processed food' - Scotsman.com

CUTTING the levels of salt in people's diets will save lives and public money – but action must be taken now, experts have warned.
"Civil society, governments, academia, and health organisations all have a part to play. Denial and procrastination will be costly in terms of both avoidable illness and expenses."
Prof Cappuccio, from the University of Warwick, added that trying to change personal behaviour and choice alone was "not an effective or realistic option when the majority of salt is added to food before it is sold, and food marketing relies on taste".

Bloody individuals buying food on taste! How stupid can you get, we must regulate against them having tasty options!


I wonder how many people will keel over from electrolyte deficiencies if these buggers get their way?

Never mind that new research seems to be showing that unless you eat VAST quantities your risk profile isn't much different that low sodium eaters.

I mean seriously does anyone take the diet nazi's seriously? Other than "oooh I can regulate something, bureaucrats and doo-"good"ing politicians"

Other than the obvious, like don't eat an unbalanced diet, when's the last time they were actually right about something? In my lifetime eggs have gone from good, to bad to good, to bad to...where are they at now? My score card wore out.

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