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Read The Bill - Ask Your MP

Would it be unreasonable to ask your MP to promise to only vote on Bills she or he has read and understood? And if they refuse to so promise push them on why not?

I commend the idea to you all.


Here in the US we have 'leaders' who come up with "We have to pass the bill before we can find out what is in it." Hard to read a thousand-page bill before there is even one copy, whether digital or dead-tree.

The reading bit is easy, compared to your 2nd requirement - understanding. Who is to know whether this "understanding" is imagined ?

Consider all these panjandrums spouting off about the riots, with cures from hosing the poor darlings with cash to heads-off time. ALL would claim to have understood the problem ....

Alan Douglas

My charming MP recently supported the IMF/Greek bailout £9B. Even as a minister at "bottle washer" level, she could not be present for the vote, but no, a Cameron loyalist, she voted yes. Writing to her is pointless, you get non sequitor quotes of government policy irrelevant to the point you make.

She is beyond redemption and I imagine her reply to be something like this...

"As a government minster, your useless MP does not have time to read every line of every bill but she has complete confidence in cabinet colleagues (who introduce bills) to whom she is bound by collective responsibility. She further notes that bills are subject to debate and cross party scrutiny in select committees and as such has complete confidence in the implementation of the successful manifesto upon which she stood and was democratically elected"

What she probably means however is "I am not going to bother reading most of this shit and I probably won't read you letter in any detail. I am certainly not going to fuck-up my proto-career for the likes of you so kindly fuck off back to the blogosphere you low-income nobody"

Which is why I don't bother writing to her anymore

The buggers wouldn't take the hint and actually reduce the amount of crap they approve on a nod. Instead, they'd just claim it meant too much reading and demand more money to compensate them for "all the extra work" they were now required to perform.

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