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Provocative St George

Berwick Rangers fans told not to wave English flags - Scotsman.com News

IT'S the national flag of their country and they fly it with pride. But supporters of Berwick Rangers claim they are being prevented from waving the St George's Cross in Scotland.
Many followers of the Borderers are proud of their unique status as the only English football club to play in the Scottish league.
Strathclyde Police, who oversee Berwick's away games with Clyde and Queen's Park, said it advised its officers to remove any flags which they deem to be "provocative".

Though probably they could get away with a quick chorus of Handel's Judas Maccabaeus (written to celebrate the victorious Duke of Cumberland upon his return from the Battle of Culloden...)


As you're aware EP Culloden was fought by Highland Scots against lowlanders and English troops. So many of the 'victorious' at Culloden were Scots entitled to fly the Scottish flag.

Mind you it's nonsense to ban football supporters from flying any flag they like. Football is one of the most divisive sports there is in the UK.

"So many of the 'victorious' at Culloden were Scots entitled to fly the Scottish flag."

Trying telling that to the modern Scots.

I've always been more of a Flodden fan myself, being a proud Surrey boy.

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