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Bansturbation Fake Of The Week

Call for sugary drink marketing ban | UK news | guardian.co.uk

Manufacturers of sugary drinks should be banned from marketing their products to children, a report has said.

The study by the Children's Food Campaign.....

Blah Blah Blah - the CFC (I thought we had banned them?) is of course part of a charity - have a guess how much of its nearly two million pound income is actually from people dropping pennies into its collecting boxes.

Charity overview 1018643 gives the answer (about 3%)


The rest can be split as follows - 47% from UK taxpayers, 2% from european taxpayers, 36% from the lottery, 7% from other charities/NGOs and 4% from philanthropic foundations.

That's right, at least 80% of this crap is funded , without their knowledge, by the British public.

Oh and 97% of the income is designated "Restricted funds". From what I can gather that means the cash was given specifically for certain purposes. Like this report, I don't doubt.

When can we start the hangings? Please.

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