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Mr Whippy Gets It

Have you seen an ice cream van recently? Didn't think so... - This Britain, UK - The Independent

Meltdown for the country's estimated 5,000 ice cream vans started with the rise of the domestic freezer in the Fifties but has been compounded more recently by new EU rules introducing lower emission limits. These mean that many older ice cream vans face costly conversions or face being taken off the road.

In London, meanwhile, tighter emissions standards will come into force from January next year. Some ice cream vans will be able to fit a filter, but the charge for those that don't will be £100 a day.

The amendments add to an already long list of expenses for ice cream sellers, including insurance and a trade licence costing around £800 annually....

The fleet has been reduced to a quarter of that size, with councils piling on more pressure by banning vans from some housing estates, parks and schools because of concerns about noise pollution and childhood obesity.

Other authorities have created ice cream selling exclusion zones in town centres, hiked the cost of a van operator's licence and limited how long vans can sound their chimes. Soaring food and petrol prices have also helped drive a flake into the heart of an industry already on its knees.....

No mention of climate change, just a hint we have had yet another dismal summer. Normally the Indy can be sure to be blaming all ills on climate change....


I guess Mr Whippy has two alternatives - go out of business or find a way to use an electric milk float style vehicle. Maybe three, the European equivalent is to be found in every town centre, a tricycle-type cart selling, among others "spaghetti ice cream."

As for the damned nannies trying to ban it - ban them, I say!

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