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Tony Blair and The Plagiarised PhD

Blair helped Gaddafi's son with his doctorate | Arabic region | Trend

Britain's former prime minister Tony Blair helped Moamer's Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam with his doctorate at the London School of Economics (LSE), according to a press report Sunday based on documents found at the abandoned British embassy in Tripoli.

The Sunday Times reported that a letter, signed by Blair - "Best wishes, yours sincerely, Tony Blair", addressed him as "Engineer Saif", and thanked him for outlining his proposed thesis.
It then went on to suggest examples that "might help you with your studies."

BBC News - LSE investigates Gaddafi's son plagiarism claims The London School of Economics has confirmed it is investigating allegations that Colonel Gaddafi's son plagiarised his PhD thesis.


I can't decide which would be more odd; Blair getting someone else to do this and just putting his name to the letter or Blair going to the trouble of reviewing the thesis himself.

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