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Polarised Indy

Leading article: The case for a moratorium on oil drilling in the arctic is overwhelming - Leading Articles, Opinion - The Independent

The arguments against drilling for oil in the Arctic are so clear they should make themselves. ...The alleged greed of big oil companies, and pressure from gung-ho local populations eager for a slice of the lucrative hydrocarbon action...

it has to be acknowledged that the pressure for new oil sources is driven by valid fears over the risks that uncontrolled oil prices – and future oil shortages – carry for global stability.

Such concerns only make the argument for fossil-free alternatives, from nuclear power to renewable energy generation to biofuels, stronger than ever. Against the backdrop of galloping growth in developing economies and a global population set to rise by a third by 2050, it is the development of sustainable energy supplies that must be the priority, not the false promise of Arctic oil.

What is Ink?

The pigment used in news ink blacks is carbon black. Carbon black is produced by cracking oil in a continuous furnace. These furnaces are highly controlled in order to produce a specific grade of pigment varying in particle size and structure. The oil used is also of a specific grade so that certain requirements can be met. The oil or carriers used in today's news black are treated napthenic petroleum oils.

I think I have spotted an opportunity to stop a waste of fossil fuel.

Google Arctic Ocean Natural Oil Seepage to see how much black stuff oozes into the ocean every year naturally and is naturally cleaned up.


Unfortunately, Carbon Black is also essential for the manufacture of tyres for cars, busses, lorries ... But perhaps we could improve the supply and reduce the wastage by cutting out printing ink for the media!

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