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That'll do nicely.

The Associated Press: Kiribati ponders floating island to fight sea rise

The president of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati is so worried about climate change wiping out his country that he's considering ideas as strange as building a floating island.
United Nations Secretary-General leader Ban Ki-moon visited the Solomon Islands and Kiribati before coming to New Zealand and said it only strengthened his view that "something is seriously wrong with our current model of economic development."
Tong said he'd seen models for a $2 billion floating island...Other ideas to combat rising ocean levels include building a series of seawalls at a cost of nearly $1 billion, Tong said, and relocating some residents to other Pacific nations.
He said he's yet to see much in the way of financial aid from Europe despite ambitious pledges.
But in an interview with the Associated Press, European Commissioner for climate action Connie Hedegaard, who was attending the conference, said Europe has granted more than 7 billion euros for specific environmental projects around the world over the three years ending 2012.
The Pacific leaders leave for a retreat Thursday on Waiheke Island before the conference ends. Many leaders are staying on for the Rugby World Cup which begins here Friday.

Which is nice for them. Luxury hotels, retreats and best seats for the rugby. Oh, and lots of dosh from European taxpayers to fight a problem that isn't happening!


Wouldn't it be great if they did build that island and let it float off to either pole, I'm not particularly bothered which one.
Off topic but there is breaking news about Obama and solar panel company Solyndra. It's being investigated by the FBI.

I might offer them some money contingent on the sea level actually rising. Of course, if it didn't rise, they'd get nothing at all...

I very much like Mr Geezer's suggestion. And if the Kiribatians Should want the cash up front they need only go to one of the warmist banks (Deutsche Bank maybe) who are sure to give them a low interest loan based on such a certainty.

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