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John Vidal Sucker

Artificial island could be solution for rising Pacific sea levels | John Vidal | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Sea levels are rising so fast that the tiny Pacific state of Kiribati is seriously considering moving its 100,000 people on to artificial islands....


If John Vidal believes that it is a serious plan rather than a shakedown, and as he can't be bothered to check the facts I have got a bridge to sell him.


The author of this nonsense should get in touch with Professor Nils Axel Morner, certainly one of the world's leading authority on sea levels.
I heard him speak about the Maldives, another island group supposedly due to be inundated. The cabinet even held a meeting with aqualungs under water to publicise their supposed plight and try to sucker money out of guilty-feeling Europeans and Americans. Professor Morner had studied the islands for many years and they were actually considerably larger than they had been in the 18th century. Rather worryingly some of the evidence had been tampered with. A tree which normally grows at the the water's edge but is now well inland had been uprooted by some visiting "scientists".

Professor Morner said "Of course, I work from observations and not from computer programs". He had also done extensive work on European and other tide gauges which showed none of the supposed accelerating sea level rises with which the alarmists so love to scare us.

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