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What a 2.2 in History From Cambridge Tells Us

David Mitchell

With that lack of logic and knowledge, (do I need to mention opportunity costs of actions?), I feel a Desmond was generous.


"...a point one percent chance is only one in ten thousand..."
I'm guessing he did history because maths was too hard.

So. We should spend multiple trillions of (whatever currency you care to choose) because there might (or might not) be a 1 in 10,000 chance (by his strange mathematics) of CAGW being correct?

None of these nutters seem to have picked up on Pielke Sr.'s concept of saying:

What are the hazards?
What can/should we do to counter those hazards (at a tiny fraction of the multiple trillions)?

But, then, making/keeping the world fit for humans and other life was never the Green objective.

Pascals wager for the win.

Pascal, I feel I love you just for that comment!

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