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Scot Speech To Be Controlled Everywhere.

Sectarian threats may mean five years in jail - Scotsman.com News

Scots who are recorded making threatening remarks anywhere in the world could be hunted down like sex offenders....

The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill is currently separated into two parts, with the second offence - making threatening communications - currently restricted to religious hatred.

However, the first part - offensive behaviour at football - also covers offensive remarks on someone's social or cultural group, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sexual orientation, transsexual identity or disability.

Mrs Cunningham told Holyrood's Justice Committee today: "In terms of the second offence, widening that out to include the same categories as the first offence, I have no huge antipathy to that."

The Lord Advocate added: "I'm fairly relaxed about broadening out the second offence, but that is a matter for parliamentarians."

Mrs Cunningham said she was also open to extending the discriminatory remarks to cover those based on age and gender as well to bring it in line with other discrimination legislation.

.... "no huge antipathy"..."fairly relaxed".... Is it only the Scotch who are going to be monitored worldwide for thoughtcrimes, or are they relaxed about the idea of ensuring no body anywhere says anything nasty about anyone.


Will the part about offensive remarks and other behaviour based on a person's nationality mean that Berwick Rangers fans (or fans of any English team visiting Scotland) don't have to put up with Anglophobic crap anymore? Will clubs and police forces in Scotland be allowed to ban the English flag? Yes, I do mean you, Stranraer FC and Strathclyde Police. I can't help that the authorities will somehow play the three wise monkeys when it suits them. Sounds like the establishment throughout the Divided Kingdom. Hypocrites to the core.

Have linked with acks in order to post a few thoughts over at my place.

So the next time someone refers to me as "that English bastard" I can complain to the cops?

Aye right. Sure they'll take a lot of notice.

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