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Geoffrey Lean Doesn't Know His Greens

Atlas's reputation melts faster than Greenland ice – Telegraph Blogs

Geoffrey Lean

In 2007 - Further south, at Qassiarsuk broccoli was being harvested for the first time in Greenland,

At Umanak (70° 40' N.) is the most northern garden in the world. Broccoli and radishes grow well, turnips (but not every year), lettuce and chervil succeed sometimes, but parsley cannot be reared. Greenland - 1911 Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica

So over a hundred years ago broccoli was being grown in Greenland, not for the first time in 2007.

Geoff - learn to google old mate.


Why broccoli though?

who cares?

Icelanders amuse themselves by growing banana's in winter in geo-thermally heated green houses.

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