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Who's this 'we,' Kemosabe?

Fracking must be halted until we know more | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Caroline Lucas

Fracking has already been banned in France, New York and New Jersey, as well as in Quebec and the Swiss canton of Fribourg.

If they are against it that seems a pretty good reason to be for it.

But this "until we know more" that Caroline always uses, who is the we? Is everyone expected to wait until the knowledge has been absorbed into her head or is it a more general we. If the former I fear we will be waiting a long long time.


It's the royal "wee" ! WE are not amused, nor in any way technologically aware, except just enough to be agin it. WE were all so much happier then, living off the land, eating each others nits, and grubs from dead trees, life span probably an average of 30, hence no "over-population".

Ah, another glimpse of a better past.

Alan Douglas

Essentially, these people are against anything that makes life easier and more pleasant.

The last thing they want is any solution to the (invented, by them) energy crisis.

They'll be against Thorium reactors for the same, or very slightly different, reasons.

The only acceptable solution is for us to pay more taxes to their political proxies and submit to more rules created by - and for the benefit of - the same groups.

We just need to shoot them all basically.

It most certainly hasn't been banned in New York - they are about to start a major natural gas project upstate. As for New Jersey, I'm not aware of any gas or oil deposits here.

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