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Indy Editor Backs Plan To Licence Free Speech

Independent editor backs plan for bad journalists to be 'struck off' | Media | guardian.co.uk

Chris Blackhurst, the editor of the Independent, has come out in support of the Labour party's controversial proposal to get journalists "struck off" if they are found to have committed gross malpractice.
...why can't we bar journalists from writing articles," Blackhurst said, adding that "newspapers had to take charge of their own industry". But he conceded that his thinking on the issue was at an early stage. When pressed he said he had "not thought about" what body would licence reporters.

My tip - Try engaging the brain before speaking as the excitement of felching the latest Labour lunacy obviously has impaired your ability to think.


I like the idea. I have to say, to start with, the Guardian would probably be down to 3 guys and a dog within a week. The independent might have a couple more, for a while.

Strike off Journalists who commit 'Gross misconduct'? Well, there's the reporting staff at all the major UK dailies gone for a starter.

How does that square with the Indy sending proven (and confessed) plagarist, self-publ;icist and downright fibber, Johan Hari, off on a cruise for a few months before rehabilitating him?

The best thing to with poor journalists is to do what many, incuding me, do. Don't buy any 'news'papers. It's as simple as that.


There's always the possibility of him doing a "Maxwell"...

"Chris Blackhurst, the editor of the Independent ..." is an imbecile. All bad journalists need is firing when they disgrace themselves, prosecuting when they break the law and suing when they write lies.

My sarcastic comment aside in comment 1

This is either typical Leftist magical thinking:

"We need to remove the scurrilous to achieve nirvana, we will appoint a great and powerful and fair august body to judge, and they will be above reproach and pink unicorns will fly out my derriere and spread happiness and socialism and gold coins for all."

Or is evil and cynical.

"We will bring about a board that will control and censor at one level of remove. My cronies will be one the board and if I do something against the left it will be brought and given a hand slap, while 100 cases ruin the lives of those who dare to dissent in a quiet and bureaucratic process driven manner as an example."

Either way it represents a particular sort of person who shouldn't be within 1000ft of any sort of power or megaphone, and who naturally gravitates there.

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