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Students Learning Economic Lesson

University degrees 'not worth £9,000', students claim - Telegraph

Almost three-quarters of final year undergraduates at elite institutions said the new maximum tuition fee rate - being introduced next year - represented poor value for money.

It comes after research at the weekend showed a wide variation in the amount of “contact time” with academics that undergraduates will receive. In arts subjects, some undergraduates will pay the equivalent of £15 an hour for lecturers and classroom tuition in the first year compared with £50 at other institutions.

Funny how spending your own money on yourself concentrates the mind. The first reaction is, of course, that the taxpayer must be mulct to pay for these useless lecturers. I'm not sure why I should pay for something the customer thinks isn't worth it so I suggest there is an easier answer. Don't go to university unless it is worthwhile to you. Power of the market and all that.


We really should not be sending out signals of approval about this. I am quite taken aback that we have.

Markets work! Current consumers of the products have warned that at a higher price the products will be poor value for money. There is no need for subsidy just for consumers to demand better value for money and be prepared to take their money elsewhere if they do not get it.

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