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Cameron Doesn't Want Big Fat Lies

UK could introduce 'fat tax', says David Cameron | Politics | guardian.co.uk

The government will consider introducing a "fat tax" to tackle Britain's growing obesity levels, the prime minister, David Cameron, has said.

Cameron said drastic action was needed to prevent health costs soaring and life expectancy falling.

He added: "I am worried about the costs to the health service, [and] the fact that some people are going to have shorter lives than their parents."

He warned that obesity was on the verge of overtaking smoking and drinking as the biggest health challenge facing Britain.

"Don't rule anything out, but let's look at the evidence and let's look at the impact on families," he added.

Yes - let's look at the evidence - life expectancy is rising, that's why there is the panic over pensions. Some people won't live as long as their parents, that has always been true, but it doesn't mean there is an epidemic, nor that taxes will keep them alive.


I would have thought sneakily the government would be pleased life expectancy was falling - less pensions to fork out.

I have great suspicion concerning "fat" taxes and what not.

Frankly, every major disaster currently plagueing the west ( In the US: Mortgages, Financial sector healthcare, education, energy) seems to have it's root cause in excessive or meddlesome government intervention... or some cases idiotic lack of with conservative & intellgent regulations, and the recipe seems to always be MORE heavy handed detailed government.

I dunno, let's try LESS of it for change.

I dont know if this is entirely statistically correct but an observation I made last time I travelled to the north of england was that at 16st I was a relative slim jim in all of the bars i visited...there are some big lads oop there....if so, the obesity tax will become a regional tax.

If the findings of the cooper institute are correct then they'll be a lot of rightly indignant overweight and overtaxed people around.. http://www.obesitymyths.com/myth4.1.htm ...its seems to be quite possible to be overweight without ill health.

There have been many causal claims in medicine between food and disease...red meat and bowel cancer, springs to mind........so using this model ..do you tax the local butcher? or the consumer? or the farmer? and will that tax just go to the the local oncology department?

The Uk currently uses BMI as the measure of simple obesity..anyone in the trade knows that well muscled athletes tend to have high BMI because muscle is denser than fat.....so are they tax exempt by dint of profession...can I be exempt too please..I put on weight through dining out with customers over the last two decades to improve the damned county's economy....

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