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Get Debunked Y'all

UT Professor Debunks Climate Change "Myths" — Energy | The Texas Tribune

The head of the University of Texas Energy Institute, Raymond Orbach, is wading into the debate with a new paper aiming to debunk eight "myths" about climate change.

The paper, "Our Sustainable Earth," appears in the forthcoming issue of Reports on Progress in Physics, a British journal known for encouraging (relatively) simple language from its contributors. In it, Orbach summarizes existing scientific evidence to argue that humans bear responsibility for climate change and an 80 percent reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions by 2050 is needed to stabilize global temperatures. Otherwise, he writes, "current global temperature rises will continue, and even accelerate" as greenhouse gas concentrations keep rising.

The paper is free to download for the next four weeks, after a simple registration.

After a quick read through I get the impression he feels he is late for the party and whilst he has nothing new to say he is rushing round in a very thorough manner talking to everyone and repeating everything that has been said before. He has some grand carbon engineering plan that involves billions being spent in Texas so I suppose he is doing his job.


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