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Oz Green Claims Green Is Good

Opposition to Australia's carbon tax laws will run out of steam | Clive Hamilton | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Prof Hamilton is a failed Green Party Politiician,,,

Everyone is going to love Green Party policiies especially "those voters in marginal electorates most prone to the fear campaign run by the opposition, the Murdoch press and some elements of big business" unless they are " mobilised into the rancourous populism that grips the United States."

Note how he seems to believe voters are just poor dupes without minds of their own.


Note also how "populism" is being turned into a dirty word by our masters (particularly our supreme masters in Brussels).

I wonder how long it will be before the word "democracy" is also spoken with a sneer of contempt?

Out now!

I wonder why the comments to the article appear to have disappeared.

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