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The Immortal Memory

Naval Traditions: The Trafalgar Night Dinner

The Immortal Memory toast: A Trafalgar Night speech is usually made by a guest of honour. If a speaker has not been arranged, the proposer of the toast will precede it with some Nelsonian comments, and can vary in length according to the custom of the diners. The toast itself is "The Immortal Memory" and is drunk standing in total silence. This is customary out of respect of the memory of the Admiral.
For the 200th anniversary, the original toast was reinstated and used by HM The Queen which is as follows:
"The Immortal Memory of Lord Nelson and those who fell with him"

Off to the pub - I'm not sure why my invitation has the post script - "It's your turn in the barrel". I'm sure I will enjoy it anyway....


Not my favourite Admiral. A decent tactician & outstanding battle Admiral, but an iffy Strategy-man and a rather unpleasant person it is said.

Leaving the care your mistress to the British government on your death? Priceless.

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