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Pantsdown Euro Lament - Full Steam Ahead Is The Answer

To be stronger, Europe must give away power | The Times (£)
Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon

There is now a real possibility that the European Union will break apart.
There are many in Parliament who would cheer this and, I suspect, even more in the country beyond who would join in with enthusiasm. Nor would they be alone. It is not only in Britain that the public mood against the EU runs so strongly. The Dutch seem to agree and even the people of Germany, given the chance, might vote the same way.

The single greatest political idea of our time, European integration, now looks in serious trouble.

The reasons for European integration are not weaker today than they were when this all started; they are stronger.

If we Europeans don’t understand that the right reaction to our new circumstances is not to loosen, but to deepen, the integration of our defence, our foreign policy and our economics, then we are bloody fools. If we really believe that this is a moment to consign ourselves to a collection of perfectly sovereign corks bobbing along in the wake of other people’s ocean liners, then the next decades will be much more difficult, turbulent and dangerous for us.

In stormy waters corks rise and fall and survive very well, it is the badly built supertankers that break apart, losing all hands and polluting the environment. I'll take the cork anytime, thanks.


Monday 24th October 2011. A bad day for Dave and the political classes - A good day for the resistance:


Kinnock is suggesting the EU is failing because we haven't integrated enough, rather than failing because it simply doesn't work. How much more petrol do they want to pour on the fire?

The USSR didn't collapse because it wasn't big enough and wasn't communist enough.

Kinnock? Where did I get that from? Sorry I meant Paddy Pantsdown.

Ha also before integration the good news was if France / Germany / Romania / Poland was doing something dumb, other countries might not be and the competition was healthy.

Look! citizens of country A would say, Country B with different policies is doing better.... remind us again why we are following these other policies?

As a bemused observer sitting over here in Canada (but who has lived and worked in both the UK and elsewhere in Europe), I'll never quite understand why simply having an EU that was a common market, free trade and travel zone wouldn't have been entirely practical and sufficient in itself without all the extra bells and whistles.

O vanitas!

Buggar! If anyone but Pantsdown had said that. No prediction he makes comes true.

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