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Huhne Lashes Out At Economy Deniers

Huhne slams 'climate sceptics and armchair engineers' for undermining green economy - 26 Oct 2011 - News from BusinessGreen

Chris Huhne will crank up pressure on some of his cabinet colleagues today with a direct challenge to "green economy deniers", accusing them of undermining the jobs and growth created by renewable energy companies across the UK.
In a keynote speech at the RenewableUK annual conference in Manchester later today, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary will hit out at "an unholy alliance of short-termists, armchair engineers, climate sceptics and vested interests who are selling the UK economy short".
"I want to take aim at the curmudgeons and faultfinders who hold forth on the impossibility of renewables," he will say. "Yes, the UK is only two per cent of global carbon emissions. But if we grasp the opportunity now our businesses and economy can be much more than two per cent of the solution."

Green Economy Denier - an ugly phrase, is it meant to demonise those who are sceptical or questioning the economic benefits of "investing" tax payers money into his pet green schemes?
I would imagine that if we are pushing billions of our money into such schemes he would welcome rigorous investment analysis to show the wisdom of his choices.

Or is he just peeved with Osbourne for putting prosperity first?


Chris Huhne should be told that driving too fast does nothing for carbon emissions

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