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Olympics Want To Pwn Your Garden

Gardeners object to advice on what to plant for Olympics - Telegraph

People living along the route of the Olympic cycle road race have objected to being “advised” how to plant their gardens to fit in with the 2012 Games colours and logos

The emails sent to residents’ associations told them that LOCOG has “tight control over how the Games will look”.
Home owners and businesses along the Olympic cycle road race route, which passes through Surrey, are being advised how to ensure the petunias, roses and other flowers in their front gardens match the colours of the games.


I wish I had a roadside garden....


I realize Britain is tending towards a soft fascist state, but I'd still LOVE to see them enforce that.

And quite frankly my knee jerk reaction is go find the single most annoying thing I could do to annoy them and make sure it's as visible as possible.

I think we should start a competition. If they want to be arses, then I think it behooves you to respond in a like fashion.

It could have several sub categories:

-Things that grow that will annoy them.
-Hardscaping. (Barbed wire with olmpyians stay out?)
-Creative use of pesticides to spell out messages that will annoy them from the air.
-"Day of" activities (e.g Can you "burn off" fields up wind, lay down some stinky manure, have a huge banner on your house that says "Sod off Olympic wankers", make masses of noise near cameras. ( bring on the industrial wood chippers and Vuvuzuelas )

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