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The Truth of Suppression

'Legal highs' should be automatically banned, says government drugs adviser | Society | The Guardian

All "legal highs" or designer drugs such as mephedrone – now banned – that mimic the effects of established illegal drugs, should be automatically banned, according to the government's official advisers on illicit substances... the ACMD says it necessary to go further and adopt a system similar to the US analogue act whereby substances bearing a chemical similarity to existing controlled substances, such as amphetamines or the active ingredient in cannabis, are banned.

The ACMD report says a different type of drug dealer has emerged. Entrepreneurs are seizing upon the business opportunities. "Many people importing these new substances appear to have had no previous involvement in the illicit drug trade and are just in it to make a quick buck. They have included students who have set up websites to supply nationally and who also supply the local student population."

Roger Howard, of the UK Drug Policy Commission thinktank, warned..."Controlling even more drugs through the drug laws doesn't do anything to help that nor to prevent the harm that might emerge. We need to think differently, about using other controls to bring some discipline to an unregulated market."

There is only one new drug law needed. No one may comment or make any suggestion on drug laws until they have read Chris Snowdon's The Art of Suppression.

A well written, incredibly researched and fascinating book. If the how, why and effectiveness of the state telling us what we are allowed to put into our own bodies interests you, get the book.

(The iea some years ago produced a book on prohibitions, which is available as a free download - also recommended.)

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