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HMRC Squeezing Stones Again

An Englishman's Castle: The Revenue are after me again

September 2, 2007

..I file my returns electronically, which are verified by a secret squirrel code rather than a facsimile signature, they print them out, they then notice the lack of a signature on the printed forms, they send them to me, I sign them and send them back. They then threaten prosecution as they haven't a valid return and they can't accept posted forms as they already have electronic versions, which lack a signature......

Back in 2007 this had been going on for over three years "almost weekly being threatened with prosecution, penalties, bailiffs on the door-step by Her Majesty's finest revenue officers...."

In October 2007 it stopped. It seemed that my accountant had finally managed to get them to see sense. They didn't respond to our letters but didn't send out any more demands.

Today I got a letter from HMRC...

"We appreciate you may have not heard from us recently and you may be worried about having a tax debt..."

It's the alleged debt from 2007 they have suddenly remembered and want paying.

Of course it would be cheaper to pay them that get my accountants to go back through all the old paperwork yet again just to show them they really don't know what they are talking about. And of course my accountant from that time has retired, my accountant firm has changed....

Hey ho - on with the fight I suppose.


Easy, do what I did, make an appointment to see a tax inspector face to face (have your accountant there with you). I ended up with a £1000 pay out because:
they didn't inform me of the procedure for a tax investigation (no, it's not enough to say that you should have read the leaflets that are promulgated by HMRC).
The inspector said in a threatening manner that my house could be at stake if I was found to have been at fault.
The inspector was discourteous to my wife.
And, the office in which the interview was carried out was hot, stuffy and no drinks were offered.
In other words play the fuckers at their own game.
Tape record the meeting, if that's not acceptable tell them that you will be making a written transcript of the meeting and that they will be expected to sign to the fact that the transcript is a true description of what was said.
go fucking get them.

That officials - also know as "public servants" dare to treat those who pay them this way is outrageous.

Merely goes to confirm that "they" consider "us" the enemy. As has been much discussed by Richard North on eureferendum blog, there is no longer a left-right divide, but a rulers - ruled one.

Alan Douglas

They are utter c*nts. Arrogant, unbelievably incompetent, aggressive and, as you say, rude to boot.

You get threatening letters from them, you call them and they say "oh, disregard those", then a month late you get another. If a private company behaved like they do they'd be fined millions.

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