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Life in Greenland

Life in Greenland's polar desert | Stephen Pax Leonard | World news | The Observer

I am a romantic, and I discovered that romantics are always disillusioned because the world is no longer how they had hoped it to be. I came to the top of the world and wished to find elderly folk like Savfaq sitting around telling stories. Instead, I found for the most part adults and children glued to television screens with a bowl of seal soup on their lap, playing exceedingly violent and expletive-crammed Hollywoodian video war games. Time and time again, I discovered this awkward juxtaposition of modernity meets tradition. Out in the Arctic wilderness, hunters dressed head to toe in skins would answer satellite phones and check their GPS co-ordinates. Consumerism has now made it to every corner of the world. Some Inugguit may live in tiny, wind-beaten wooden cabins with no running water like Wally's, but Amazon.com delivers.

Wow, those charming native people are just people like us and want the same stuff!


"Wow, those charming native people are just people like us and want the same stuff!"

Yes, how dare they presume to break out of their theme-park existence and act like the rest of us...

What a pompous dink. I did like how "climate change" was wrecking things in between his complaints about the incredible cold.

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